Why Do People Get Diabetes

Diabetes has become very common these days and some of the causes of diabetes will be explored here. Diabetes is a condition where the body suffers from high blood pressure because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Diabetes is also caused due to cells not responding to the insulin released in the blood. Insulin is a hormone produced inside the pancreas by better hormones, which helps in breaking down sugar into glucose. Body cells can only absorb sugar in glucose form, hence the reason why it is vital. Insulin also helps in the conversion of glucose into glycogen, which is then in adipose tissues for future use. During times of hunger, insulin converts the fats or glycogen into glucose, making it available for body cells to produce energy.

Insulin also plays a key role in inhibiting the body from respiring fats by releasing glucagon, another hormone into the blood stream. If anything goes wrong in the process, the patient then suffers from diabetes.

The Three Types Of Diabetes

  1. Diabetes mellitus, also known as high blood sugar (Type 1).
  2. Diabetes Insipidus (Low blood sugar)(Type II)
  3. Gestational diabetes (In pregnant women)

Diabetes Causes

dibaetes causesDestruction of Beta cells – When the pancreas destroys beta cells, it is then incapable of producing the much needed insulin for sugar breakdown. With less or no production of insulin, the body is incapable of balancing blood sugar, hence diabetes sets in.

Hereditary diabetes -This is a diabetes condition passed down from one generation to another through genes. These genes can be passed from mother to child.

Resistance to Insulin – Insulin is a hormone, manufactured from proteins. Some people’s bodies react to insulin presence by synthesizing it, thus limiting amounts of insulin blood. This then leads to obesity and very high levels of blood sugar in blood. The only way to correct this is by having insulin injections after every few hours to control blood sugar.

Environmental factors – The main environmental factors that facilitate onset of diabetes are related to one’s feeding habits, viruses and being exposed to various toxins. Consumption of factory manufactured foods high in sodium and other salts has been linked to obesity, which promotes diabetic conditions.

Feeding habits in young children – Infants and little children under the teenage age can suffer from diabetes due to the introduction of animal proteins in their systems. Mothers who feed their children with cow, goat or camel milk (less than 1 year old) risk their babies contracting diabetes. This is the reason why mothers are advised breastfeed their children before and after weaning up to 2 years to safeguard them from this risk.

Pregnant mothers are also at a high risk of contracting diabetes during the pregnancy period. This is because of the hormones produced by the placenta, which reacts or resist insulin. During this period, very little amounts of insulin find way into the blood, resulting to dangerously high levels of sugar in the same. This means the body doesn’t get enough energy from the respiration of glucose, hence a dangerous state.

These are some of the main causes of diabetes in infants and adults. It is therefore important for one to have his or her blood sugar checked regularly to ensure diabetes does not set in unnoticed, and proper measures are taken if diagnosed with the same.